Engraved Gifts and Jewellery

Engraving Information

What's Included

The price of all our engraved items includes text engraving on one side.
We can engrave graphics or a second side at an additional cost.

Proofs and Approval

We will always produce a proof layout as a jpeg file and email it to you for approval before proceeding with engraving, unless it is a re-order where nothing has changed.

Please note that we will NOT proceed with your engraving until we have received your approval to continue, unless you do not respond (see below).

If you do not receive the proof within 24 hours, please contact us, but check your email spam folder first - especially for Hotmail/Live accounts. We will send a reminder 48 hours after the order if you have not responded, and if we have not received approval or otherwise after 72 hours from placing the order, we will proceed with the engraving as per the proof we sent (if we have sent more than one proof, we will choose the one we deem best).

Text and Fonts

We can engrave with most Windows TrueType fonts. If you have a preference, please let us know when you order, otherwise we will produce a proof based on what we think looks good.

We will try and accomodate your requirements, but please remember that the more text that is required, the smaller it will have to be in order to fit. Also, there becomes a point at which the text will be too small to be legible. If this is the case, we will advise you on the solution we think is best.

We define text engraving as something we can type on a keyboard, using a font we have, or one you supply us with. If we have to convert an image you send us, it is classed as graphics, even though the end result may look like text. This is because it takes us considerably longer to prepare and to engrave graphics.


We have the facility to engrave images or logos, but the finished result can vary dramatically with the quality and type of original image.

If you require an image please send us a file to work with, ideally a line drawing or clipart.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are entitled to use the image with respect to copyright. We will engrave images you supply on the understanding that you have obtained the relevant permission to use it, and we cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright.

For smaller items such as jewellery tags, a vector (line) image gives best results. Ideally an .ai .eps or PDF image would be best, but we can try and convert jpeg images.

Due the time involved in setting up some images, we charge a small fee per item to cover this, which is shown on the item listings.
If the image is complex or poor quality, to the point it will take us a long time to convert and set up, we may charge an additional complex graphics setup fee of £5 per graphic. We will advise you of this before proceeding.

Please contact us first regarding graphics, so that we can see if the image is suitable for engraving.

Double sided tag orientation.

With tags such as oval, rectangle etc that are to be engraved landscape and double sided, there are different interpretations on whether the second side is 'upside down'. There is no right or wrong way, and it's really down to personal choice. We always rotate around the long axis by default (method A), which will reflect in the proof we send to you for approval. If you prefer rotation around the short axis like a coin (method B), we can do this, but you must let us know before approval.

The diagram below shows the differences between the two methods. Tag Rotation

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