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Thursday 30 July, 2009

Hi Alison, I don't know whether you've picked up my posts about my charity auctions at all? I was commissioned by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to make 8 pieces of jewellery for them to auction for their Trust. You produced the tags for these pieces, and it was being able to personalise the pieces to each individual orphan elephant that they commemorated that made them so attractive to bidders. Many people all around the world foster the orphan elephants (including me, I foster two!) and they were keen to win the piece with "their" elephant's name tag on. The auctions raised a staggering £3201.75! I just wanted to thank you for producing the lovely tags, and to send you this link so that you could see them in situ. I have been commissioned to make more pieces early in the New Year, so I shall be back again soon for more tags! Here is the link; http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/updates/updates.asp?ID=174 Thank you very much Alison. Heather xx
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